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Sir Phobos from sites such as & has kindly submitted his Desert Island Films. Read on for his choices and reasons, and be sure to check out his sites.


Desert Island Films is about choosing 8 films you would take if you were going to be stranded on a desert island and explaining your choices. They don’t necessarily have to be your favourites, just 8 films, no more or no less! You are also permitted to take one book and one novelty item which must be inanimate and of no use in escaping the island or allowing communication from outside.


Sir Phobos Desert Island Films

groundhog day1) Groundhog Day – If the irony of including this movie doesn’t make you laugh, then you’re probably Phil Connors the day before it takes place.

2) The Shining – One of the greatest horror movies ever made has tothe shining go on the list. The fun would eventually come down to dissecting every scene and trying to figure out why any of it happened. No matter how many times I watch it, I get creeped out just the same.

district 93) District 9 – I may be stranded on a desert island for the rest of my life, but at least I’m not turning into a giant bug who eats garbage. I would find solace in that.

4) Gymkata – Look, it’s my desert island, not yours. I can watch Kurtgymkata Thomas handstanding up a flight of stairs with his crotch waiving in the wind for the rest of eternity if I want to. There’s just something oddly compelling about this movie to me. It’s so, so bad, but I cannot look away. The king of Parmistan looks like Mel Brooks, and there are ninjas.

5) The Foul King – I only need one movie about South Korean luchador wrestling, and this is it. Kim Jee-woon and Song Kang-ho are one of the best director/actor duos ever, and I would love to bring all of their movies. Alas, I can’t, so I’ll just take this one. The DVD with the original audio track is practically impossible to find anymore, so I would feel like my desert island held more meaning, and I’d get satisfaction knowing nobody else will ever take my copy.

6) Jurassic Park – This one is tough. I’m probably going to end up taking at least twojurassic park Spielberg movies, and this is one of his best. The effects work is unrivaled in my opinion, and Jeff Goldblum kicks all kinds of ass. It’s hard for me to properly explain with words why Jurassic Park is as awesome as it is.

jaws7) Jaws – Aaaaaaand here’s my second Spielberg movie. Jaws is pretty much perfection. Yea, yea; I know I’m stranded on an island, and I’m watching a movie about a shark eating people. I’m hardcore like that. If I had the animatronic shark from the movie, I’d even try to ride it around.

8) All the Colors of the Dark – Since I’m assuming I’ll never see my wife again, and I know she’s not in any feature films for me to bring, I’ll instead enjoy repeatedly staring at Edwige Fenech taking a shower. It’s actually a pretty trippy movie. I recommend it if you’re into gialli.

As for the book I would bring with me, I’m going to have to go with Book of the Dead: The Complete History of Zombie Cinema. I’ve wanted to read it for a while now, and I guess this would be as good a time as any. I’d probably end up making my own zombies out of coconuts and bamboo and stage a desert island zombie invasion.

My one luxury item would be a photo album of my family. That’s probably a boring and/or sappy note to end on, but I would never want to forget the faces of the people I love. Plus, after I’ve gone crazy, at least I would have people to talk to.


Thanks again to Sir Phobos for taking the time to join the prestigious Head In A Vice ”castaway” list. If you would like to submit your choices and add your name to this list, please drop me an email to –


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  1. theipc

     /  August 3, 2012

    Nice list Sir Phobos and Edwidge Fenech is hot hot hot so I’ll be firing up all the colors of the dark as soon as I can.


  2. I LOVE GYMKATA!!!!!!!!

    “I’d probably end up making my own zombies out of coconuts and bamboo and stage a desert island zombie invasion.” Anyway you could sneak a video camera to film this? 😉


  3. lol, love the book choice ( I might choose the zombie survival guide if I thought there was any chance of being attacked by the undead on that desert island)

    I admit I haven’t heard of a lot of the things on this list, but the ones I have heard of are more than respectable 🙂


  4. If your wife was coming with you, what would you replace All the Colors in the Dark with?


  5. kloipy

     /  August 4, 2012

    sweet list Phobos!


  6. Thanks again for doing this dude, great list with some brilliantly obscure choices. Couple of films I’ve never heard of so will look them up post haste. The Shining so nearly made my list. If you ever end up in this scenario and get rescued, the time away should give you the chance to try work out what the hell happened in that film! Please let me know your findings 🙂


  7. “Gymkata – Look, it’s my desert island, not yours.” Hahahaha!


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