10 Favourite Director’s Quotes Relay Race


I’ve been involved in a couple of excellent Blogathons this year but this is the first relay race that I’ve been invited into. This one was created originally by David at Taste Of Cinema who provided the following as a description and the aim of the relay…

“People love wisdom words from great minds. As a cinephile, I prefer director quotes than words from any other group of people in the world.Their thoughts on cinema not only provide insights into deep understanding of cinema, but also open the window to their own films, their genres, their filmmaking methods, thus they need to receive more exposure as their films did.”

The rules of the relay are quite simple really. There will be a list of 10 directors and direct quotes from them that explain their motivations and reasons in how they see their craft. Every time the relay is received by a blogger they will have to choose which director to omit and replace him/her with a choice of their own and then choose another blogger to continue the race.

I was kindly invited into this by my good friend Mark who runs the site Marked Movies. I’m proud to have Mark onboard here as a Guest Contributor as we all know what great work he does. As well as excellent reviews on his site he also offers up some movie trivia every week which is always a great read, so please, if you don’t already go check out his superb site along with all the blogs listed below.

Other bloggers involved in this so far have been – Movie and Song 365And So It Begins…The Cinematic SpectacleOn Page and ScreenFlixChatter and Keith & The Movies. So without further ado, here is the list of director’s that have made the cut…

Quentin Tarantino

“I steal from every single movie ever made. I love it – if my work has anything it’s that I’m taking this from this and that from that and mixing them together. If people don’t like that, then tough titty, don’t go and see it, all right? I steal from everything. Great artists steal; they don’t do homages.” – Quentin Tarantino

Andrei Tarkovsky


“Unlike all the other art forms, film is able to seize and render the passage of time, to stop it, almost to possess it in infinity. I’d say that film is the sculpting of time.” – Andrei Tarkovsky

Seijun Suzuki


“Why make a movie about something one understands completely? I make movies about things I do not understand, but wish to.” – Seijun Suzuki

Federico Fellini


“I don’t like the idea of ‘understanding’ a film. I don’t believe that rational understanding is an essential element in the reception of any work of art. Either a film has something to say to you or it hasn’t. If you are moved by it, you don’t need it explained to you. If not, no explanation can make you moved by it.” – Federico Fellini

Pedro Almodovar


“When I make a film, I never stop uncovering mysteries, making discoveries. When I’m writing, filming, editing, even doing promotional work, I discover new things about the film, about myself, and about others. That is what I’m subconsciously looking for when shooting a film: to glimpse the enigmas of life, even if I don’t resolve them, but at least to uncover them. Cinema is curiosity in the most intense meaning of the word.” – Pedro Almodovar

Krzysztof Kieslowski


“You make films to give people something, to transport them somewhere else, and it doesn’t matter if you transport them to a world of intuition or a world of intellect…The realm of superstitions, fortune-telling, presentiments, intuition, dreams, all this is the inner life of a human being, and all this is the hardest thing to film… I’ve been trying to get there from the beginning. I’m somebody who doesn’t know, somebody who’s searching.” – Krzysztof Kieslowski

Jean-Luc Goddard


“A story should have a beginning, a middle and an end… but not necessarily in that order.”
—Jean-Luc Godard

Christopher Nolan


“Every film should have its own world, a logic and feel to it that expands beyond the exact image that the audience is seeing.” – Christopher Nolan

Kathryn Bigelow


“If there is resistance to women making movies, I choose to ignore it. That is because I cannot change my gender and I refuse to stop making movies.” – Katheryn Bigelow

Paul Thomas Anderson


“I really subscribe to that old adage that you should never let the audience get ahead of you for a second. So if the film’s abrasive and wrongfoots people then, y’know, that’s great. But I hope it involves an audience. If not, that’s my fuck-up.” – Paul Thomas Anderson

Since the rules of the game are simple and I have to omit one, I’m going to cut straight to the point. Out goes Andrea Arnold because I have never seen one of her films so it was an easy way to cut someone out:

Andrea Arnold


“I wonder whether my bleak-o-meter is set differently from other people’s. I have such passion for what I do that I can’t see it as bleak. When people use that word, or “grim” or “gritty,” I just think, “Oh, come on, look a bit deeper.” My films don’t give you an easy ride. I can see that. The sense I get is that people have quite a physical experience with them. They feel afterwards that they’ve really been through something.” — Andrea Arnold

In comes my favourite director of all time:

Martin Scorsese

I think when you’re young and have that first burst of energy and make five or six pictures in a row that tell the stories of all the things in life you want to say . . . well, maybe those are the films that should have won me the Oscar. When Taxi Driver (1976) was up for Best Picture, it got three other nominations: Best Actor [Robert De Niro], Best Supporting Actress [Jodie Foster] and Best Music. But the director and writer were overlooked. I was so disappointed, I said, “You know what? That’s the way it’s going to be”. What was I going to do, go home and cry?

So many great quotes from him to choose from, but in the end I settled for this one because whilst he deserved to win every award going for the films he was consistently making, he didn’t get bitter about it or let if affect what he did. He is still the master 🙂

Next in line… I’d like to pass the baton to my man Eric from The IPC. Once I assured him he didn’t need to find 10 quotes he seemed up for this, so take it away sport 🙂

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  1. Very nice quote from Scorcese!


  2. A collection of great quotes.


  3. Love Tarantino’s quote. At least he is honest about it.


  4. I haven’t seen any of Andrea Arnold’s work either but I actually like her quote. I didn’t even know Scorsese was overlooked by the Oscars, somehow I thought Taxi Driver was nominated. Well, nice that he got one eventually 🙂


    • I liked her quote, but loved the others so it was an easy choice 🙂

      Scorsese has been criminally overlooked so many times, but at least the legacy he leaves with his work will be something special. Thanks Ruth 🙂


  5. You must be reading my mind Tyson. Scorsese was originally my choice an this was the direct quote I was going to use as well. Shit, I even had that photo in mind. LOL.

    Thanks for the kind words my man. 😀


  6. Thank you. Love Ms. Bigelow’s quote and Mr. Scorsese [without whom my love for movies would be incomplete].
    If I were to pick my favourite directors – Gus Van Sant & Guy Ritchie would’ve been quoted too. Can’t get enough of neither Snatch nor GWH.


  7. i wish someone would pass me the baton… :-/


  8. Thomas Priday

     /  November 7, 2012

    Good stuff.

    +1 for the Fellini quote.


  9. Excellent. I think the Tarantino quote is my fave.


  10. Nice quote! It sounds like he has a perspective on what’s really important — the art rather than the accolades. 🙂 And while I don’t yet have a sense of what kind of movies you like, I highly recommend Andrea Arnold’s films, including Fish Tank.


    • My ‘about me’ page should give a little insight into what I like and why I like them. Although its hard to pick a genre, I try and see as many films as humanly possible!

      However, after deleting her name from the list, I did look into Andrea Arnolds films and decided I should really try and see one at least. I will look up Fish Tank on your recommendation, and if I hate it I’m sure you will reimburse me 🙂 Thank you!


  11. Cool post. Nice addition to the list, Mark!


  12. Sensational pick,Tyson.Oscar owes Scorsese 3 awards at least for Taxi Driver,Raging Bull and Goodfellas.He really should complain about that,LOL.


  13. Love all of these. Great picks!


  1. 10 Favorite Director Quotes Relay Race | Taste of Cinema

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