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William from William Jepma has kindly submitted his Desert Island Films. Read on for his choices and reasons, and be sure to check out his site.

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Desert Island Films is about choosing 8 films you would take if you were going to be stranded on a desert island and explaining your choices. They don’t necessarily have to be your favourites, just 8 films, no more or no less! You are also permitted to take one book and one novelty item which must be inanimate and of no use in escaping the island or allowing communication from outside.

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If I had to pick just eight movies to watch on a desert island, over and over again for the foreseeable future, I’d probably vomit and cry myself to sleep. Not because I’d be on a deserted island, but because I could only bring 8 movies with me!! Why Tyson; why would you make me choose like that?!

But, rules are rules. So with a limit like that I’d be sure the films I brought I could watch hundreds of times over, and still enjoy them. So without further ado, these are my picks, in no particular order.

1) Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope

star wars iv

This one’s a no brainer. The Star Wars Saga is what got me into movies and storytelling in general. I watched the Original Trilogy back when I was five, and haven’t stopped watching them to this date. The characters are lovable, the stories are memorable, the dialogue is great, and the special effects still hold up in a way that isn’t overly campy. All in all, one of my all time favorites, and I would love to be able it watch until the end of my days.

2) Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back

star wars v

Yes, I’m bringing another Star Wars film with me. The Empire Strikes Back is without a doubt the best Star Wars film, and is easily in my top three favorite films of all time. It takes everything great about the previous film, makes it edgier, more dramatic, and just all around better. Once again, I would love to be able to watch it over and over and over again.

3) Die Hard

die hard

Yippee-ki-yay! I actually just recently watched Die Hard, and I’d be lying if I don’t feel like more of a man because of it. Probably one of the very best action movies ever. Die Hard would be a perfect companion for my life as a castaway. It would remind me how to be a man, while at the same time giving me endless entertainment. This one’s another easy pick.

4) Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark


If you can’t tell, I really like old, classic movies. Indiana Jones and the Raider of the Lost Ark is a sort of meshing of the classic entertainment of Star Wars, with the macho action of Die Hard. Harrison Ford is great in the leading role, rivaling his other equally famous character Han Solo in memorable lines. Another easy pick.

5) The Three Amigos

three amigos

Another classic I grew up with. The Three Amigos is a film I’ve been watching with my family for as long as I can remember. Not only is it hilarious, but it never gets overly dumb in its storyline or characters; constantly keeping things fresh and entertaining. And with three comedy legends like Steve Matin, Chevy Chase, and Martin Short all starring, it’s no surprise this movie rocks.

6) Tangled


Go ahead, make fun of me; you won’t be the first. The truth of the matter is, I really, really love this movie. While not the best animated movie out there, it is one of the most enjoyable I’ve seen in a long, long time. The jokes are funny without being immature, the acting is top-notch, the story is classic yet fresh, and the animation is beautiful. I’ve already seen this movie at least a dozen times, and I’d happily see it dozens more.

7) The Dark Knight Rises

dark knight

I really, really love superhero movies, and I own too many to count; even the ones that kind of suck. So picking just one to bring with me was tough. I know some people didn’t like this movie, but to me, it was the perfect conclusion to a nearly perfect trilogy. It’s not as dark as The Dark Knight, but still realistic and gritty and in a way, more fun to watch than TDK. Nolan tied up all the loose ends for Batman/Bruce Wayne, and introduced some new, great characters as well. One of my favorites for sure.

8) The Patriot

the patriot

This last choice was tough (actually, the last five choices have been tough), but I think for my 8th film I would bring Mel Gibson’s The Patriot. It’s his best movie without a doubt, and its so filled with American spirit that I would need it to remind me of the beloved country I’m no doubt trying to get back to. Violent, emotional, and oh, so dramatic, The Patriot is a great film that will make me cry and cheer simultaneously.

Book Choice – The Bible


Putting my personal beliefs aside, The Bible is a big, big book. Like, really big. It’s got so many stories in it of all different varieties that it’s really a ton of books in one; so hopefully this isn’t a cheat choice. But if I’m being honest, there’s no other book I’d want with me on a deserted island than this.

Luxury Item – SOG Seal Team knife

seal knife

I’ll be honest in saying I actually researched this one. The SOG knife is classified as being made with the best sharpness possible, the highest tip and blade breaking limits, salt water immersion, and high durability for chopping, hammering, prying, penetration, and cutting. A knife like this would be incredibly useful on a deserted island; in many, many ways.

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Thanks again to William for taking the time to join the prestigious Head In A Vice ”castaway” list. If you would like to submit your choices and add your name to THIS LIST, please drop me an email to –

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  1. Thanks again Billy!!!!! 🙂

    You are the first castaway on the new site, and you were treated to fancy new graphics! Great choices buddy, and wow, Tangled!! Always nice to see variety and I love your luxury item! Smart thinking 🙂


    • Thank you for letting me do this! Yeah, Tangled is awesome. I expect many sarcastic comments to come my way. 😉 haha! At least I have Die Hard on there to even things out.


  2. Solid list. Tyson, you will have mine this week. I’m going to crack down and do it!


  3. I think Tangled is really strong, really smart choice. My 2 year old girl has watched this so many times you would think I’d be sick of it by now, complete opposite. It has such good replay value and would work well on a desert island. Great choices all around William.


  4. Garry Armstrong

     /  March 11, 2013

    William has some very interesting film choices. But let’s go to his book first. The Bible!! Excellent!! So many stories, characters and plots. It has action, romance, sex, disaster, faith and redemption. Prose, poetry, music and myriad forms of writing styles to satisfy every taste. Unless you’re a speed reader, the Bible should occupy a hefty amount of time. Then, you can re-read again and again to your heart’s content. As for the movies, a nice variety. “Die Hard” is a ‘feel good’ flick as in when you’re mad at the world and you need to vent. I am ashamed to say I haven’t seen “The Three Amigos” yet. I will remedy that ASAP before being asked to relinquish my Maven’s badge. The knife is an ideal weapon with many uses. If you are a fan of the “NCIS” TV series, you know the knife is a must on Gibbs’ list of rules. If you’re not an “NCIS” fan, you should remedy that STAT!


    • Haha, this is the perfect comment! I really couldn’t imagine any other book with me on a desert island with me than the Bible; for all the reasons you listed and then some! 🙂 Enjoy The Three Amigos whenever you get to see it! Its such a fun movie!


  5. Reblogged this on William Jepma and commented:
    Hey everyone! Tyson Carter from Head in a Vice was kind enough to post my picks for his awesome Desert Island Films project over on his blog. Check it out to see the 8 films I’d bring with me to a desert island, and leave a comment saying how great my choices were! 😀


  6. Great picks man! I liked tangled.


  7. Wow, it’s probably been over 10 years since I last watched The Patriot. I remember really enjoying it though. It’s going on my watch again ASAP list. Great pics! 🙂


  8. *picks


  9. I love Tangled. I remember my kids reaching out at the lanterns in 3D at the theater because it was amazing.



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