Blogathon – Update


I just thought I’d do one final shout out and advertise our new site & blogathon. We are still looking for volunteers to write about a Robert De Niro film. The only stipulation is that it has to be one of his films you’ve never seen before.

We are looking to kick off the project early in October, and have already received a few submissions. I’m here now to let those that are interested know what we need from you. Basically, we just need you to email your review to:

It can be as long or short as you like, and include any images you fancy, just write in your own unique style. All we ask is that you review the film and write a little about how the main man De Niro is in his role. Then just include a rating out of 10. The rest of it can be however you like.

The following people have signed up and reserved these films (I know a couple of you weren’t 100% you could enter, that’s cool, just let me know and I can put your film back in the pot) so if you haven’t yet signed up, and the film you’re interested in isn’t listed below, then please shout out in the comments and reserve yours.

Joseph – Heat

Ckckred – Casino

Pitchscript – Meet The Parents

Luke – The Untouchables

Dave Crewe – Silver Linings Playbook

Verbalspew – Machete

Table9Mutant – Raging Bull

Guysfilmquest – Taxi Driver

Tom – The Score

Mynerdypony – Stanley & Iris

Fernando – Great Expectations

Nostra – King of Comedy

Terry Malloy – The Godfather Part II

Wednesdays Child – Angel Heart

Abbi – Once Upon A Time In America

Smash – Cape Fear

Eric – Ronin

Mark – Rocky & Bullwinkle

Jonathan – Red Lights

FrameRates – The Fan

Sam – Brazil, Frankenstein

Brian – The Deer Hunter

Elina – The Good Shepherd

Dirk – The Mission

Kerry – Killer Elite

Hunter – Awakenings

Backlashcomix – Hide and Seek

Mr Rumsey – Jackie Brown

John Link – Mean Streets

Daniel – Goodfellas

J Murphy – Bloody Mama

Three Rows Back – New York New York

Vic – Midnight Run

Ruth – Everybody’s Fine

Chris – A Bronx Tale

Tyson – Falling In Love

Cindy – Stardust

Jesse – Sleepers

Thank you to everyone that has entered. 37 people have signed up so far, and Mark & I are delighted with the response. Again, just email me with your entries whenever you get them done, ideally in the next week or so if possible. And don’t forget, please sign up to our site You Talkin’ To Me? as that is where the posts will be going.

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  1. Sounds great! I just got my blu-ray copy of Casino so I’ll try to watch it soon and write a review quickly.


    • Anyone that has ever waited for work from me knows Im terrible with deadlines! We wont be rushing anyone, so whenever you send it, you send it. Can’t wait to see your thoughts mate, and you will see where my site inspiration came from 🙂


  2. I’ll get you my New York New York review ASAP. Should be fun I think 🙂


  3. Good luck with this! Gutted I missed out on being involved!!


    • Still looking for people, you would just need to find a film not listed and reserved above! Any not listed, that you’ve never seen, if you want to join we’d love to have you onboard! Just reply here with your choice of film 🙂


  4. I’m just not a big enough fan for this. I have to send it to Garry. He might be interested. He’s definitely more of a fan than I am.


  5. Love Magical Realism and missed Bobby in ‘Stardust’. Okay if I join the group?


  6. Man I’ve seen like.. all of his movies. Would you be up for someone breaking down six underlooked performances from the man? or something like that?


    • If it gets you involved, i’d take anything from you Nick. Let me know dude 🙂


    • Don’t do that yet Nick. The time will come for that, man. There will be future projects and i’d rather not throw all our eggs in one basket just yet.

      Would love to get a review from you, though.


  7. Oh man – why did I choose Raging Bull?! Lol! Will try to get the review to you within the next week…


  8. Looking forward to the blogathon! I saw Everybody’s Fine this weekend for my entry. I love De Niro’s performance here, such a contrast to his role in The Family. You already know how I feel about that one 😀


    • Nice!! Can’t wait to read your thoughts on it. I still havent seen that one so good to hear De Niro was solid 🙂

      I’m watching The Family later today hopefully!


      • Wow, a De Niro film YOU haven’t seen yet? Well, I pick the right one then 😀

        @ Mark – yes indeed it’s perhaps one of my fave De Niro roles, I wish he’d do more dramatic roles like that one. It’s not as commercial perhaps but he’s sooo good in it.


        • There are a few, I think Mark is winning the poll on who has seen most, but still plenty for us both to get through. One day 🙂


    • I thought DeNiro was fantastic in Everybody’s Fine, Ruth. It was good to see him embrace an older character.


  9. jessectorres

     /  September 30, 2013

    Too late to join? If not, can I do Sleepers?


  10. Yo Tyson, would it be OK for me to switch from The Good Shepherd to Analyze This? I know it’s late but I still haven’t gotten my hands on a copy of my original pick (meanwhile, the other one’s literally a feet away from me) and I really want to participate… 😛



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