Jug Face (2013)

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The latest review in my ‘Recommended By‘ blogathon comes courtesy of Mike from Parlor of Horror. He is here to share his thoughts on the movie Jug Face. Enjoy!!

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I finally got around to watching this film which has been in my Netflix queue since I read the review on Written in Blood, 7 MONTHS AGO! I like a lot of the films and books that John, curator of Written in Blood, reviews and I’m glad Tyson set up this Blog-a-thon which gave me the perfect reason to watch Jug Face.


The story is about a rural back-woods and backwards community who gives honor and sacrifice to the spirit of the hole. Yeah, it’s a hole in the dirt in the woods. Every year or couple of years (it’s not made clear) a simple minded potter is visited by the spirit and in a trance, makes a jug with a face on it. The face on the jug matches a person in the community who will have to be sacrificed to appease the spirit. While the potter is asleep, a young woman, who is pregnant, finds the Jug with her face on it and hides it in the woods. The potter remembers nothing about his creating the jug. Now the spirit is angry and starts killing townsfolk at random. The young woman sees all of the bloody, gory killings in some sort of mind connection with the spirit.

This film has a lot in common with Pumpkinhead, one of my fave flicks of the 1980’s. It’s similarities are not offensive though, you don’t feel Jug Face is glomming ideas off of Pumpkinhead, but the two films seem to be cut from the same thread. It would make for a great double feature to watch on a Halloween night this fall.

And Jmount has reviewed this spot on! Despite all the hillbilly weirdness of the film, worshipping a spirit in a hole in the ground, brother/sister incest, giving your daughter away to a local without her consent, and intense corporal punishment, the film is interesting and engaging. Although you never see the spirit that lives in the hole, it doesn’t matter because the film is well made and you accept it as truth.

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  1. theipc

     /  September 17, 2014

    I liked Jug Face!! I know some people gave me some grief since I watched a movie called “Jug Face” but I liked it….

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  2. Thanks again for this Mike. Great to have you as part of my project. Not a movie I’ve seen, although I do remember it getting decent word of mouth when it was released. Creepy looking poster 🙂

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    • Thanks Ty, it was a great idea for a blog a thon. I had at least a dozen films I want to see after reading bloggers reviews and this gave me a reason to watch at least one 🙂


    • Garry Armstrong

       /  September 22, 2014

      Think I may have had a one nighter with someone like the title character. Blame it on the booze.

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  3. I liked Jug Face – it’s a great random horror watch on Netflix. When you watch so many you’re bound to get disappointed by more than a few. This one however I’d easily recommend. I somehow haven’t seen Pumpkinhead yet, so this review is making me think that I must check this out sometime this October.

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    • Just make sure you see the original Pumpkinhead (1988/89) first, the sequels are much less quality. The movie has the creepiest damn Witch in it, great to watch for Halloween entertainment 🙂


  4. Spooky poster! Great title! Fun review!


  5. Excellent movie with a really cool director! He took this tale in a very unique direction and my complaints are limited to only the ending of it.


  6. Interesting! Definitely sounds creepy enough . . . with some weird stuff in it. Maybe fun enough to watch around Halloween! Nice review.


  1. Head in a Vice, ‘recommended by’ blogathon. | parlor of horror

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