Silent Hill: Revelation (2012)

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So I’ve had a few days away from the blog, but not as long as the last time so fear not! Just a little virus slowing me down. Anyway, I’m back and here to continue the ‘Recommended By‘ blogathon with my good buddy Art from Super Reese Bros and his review of Silent Hill: Revelation. Enjoy!!

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Hey Internet,

Art here from, your host with the most of the Super Reese Bros Super Show Podcast to do a movie review. The movie in question is Silent Hill: Revelation, recommended by my Podcast mate Robert, he stated the film was better than the original Silent Hill movie in every way…but before we get to that lets set up some context.

I run a video game podcast/website and consider myself an avid game player. However, my games of choice tend to be action games (God of War) and platformers (Mega Man/Crash Bandicoot) and avoid survival horror games. The low resource, high sense of fear aspect has never done it for me, the terrible voice acting and stories don’t help either.


Silent Hill was created by Konami, released on the original Playstation in 1999 as an answer to the incredibly popular Resident Evil which more or less created the survival horror genre. While Resident Evil went the B-Movie route with it’s over the top script and voice acting; Silent hill avoided some of the pop scares and went more for the atmosphere and creeping dread.

Odd they replaced the creepy atmosphere with terrible CGI and a pop tart jump scare…no I’m not kidding, a Pop Tart popping out of the toaster is one of the first gags. Every jump scare is lame and easy to see a mile away, affording us nothing but a music sting and stuff flashing on the screen with no impact.

The movie also starts with TWO it’s a dream sequences….both highlight the poor acting and bad script that fails to explain anything to the viewer. I am heavily into video games and even I am lost at all the exposition based on topics thrown at me.

Good example of this done well is Mortal Kombat, where you learn the story, it is explained in short bites and a four armed man gets punched in the balls…..I think I lost my train of thought.

Another issue is the characters themselves, all are generally flat and lack any sort of spark even in dramatic scenes, blandly jumping from one set piece to the next, facing one lame monster after another.

It’s shot in 3D… I don’t have the ability for 3D but can tell you the angles are all wrong, the cuts seem to be too fast for when a 3D moment is about to happen.

I don’t mean to come off as mean in this review but it’s quite clear everything is a marked step down from the original, from script, special effects and atmosphere… Thanks Robert for recommending this bomb.

Stay Classy Internet,

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  1. Great work Art!! Thanks for joining in with this. As for the movie, I didn’t last long with it. A part early on with an elevator in a parking lot or something, then I was bored. Liked the first one though 🙂


  2. Crap and here I got this one waiting for me at home for tonights entertainment. It doesn’t bode well 🙂


  3. Pop Tart jump scare, lol. That always scares me in the morning 🙂 I loved the first film but this one…i never made it through to the end, despite trying to watch it 3 times.


  4. I think the first is truly underrated. The second? Horrendous.


  5. Nice review, Art. Better than the original in every way? lol, someone lied to you BIG TIME. The first one was a serviceable enough adaptation, and a decent flick in it’s own right. Meanwhile, there’s not one single redeeming quality to this awful piece of shit. XP


  6. The games are much better than the movies. Nice write up. Funny and so true.


  7. I was actually expecting to hear that this movie was really good . . . so many horror movie reviews lately with the fall season arriving. This makes it easy to decide to stay away from, so thanks for the review!


  8. Hmm. I’m not bothered about the original so think I can safely skip this one. Nice review, though! Now I want a pop tart. 🙂


  9. Hope you’re feeling better! Great post 🙂



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