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I have no idea if anyone still follows this site or will even see this, but I live in hope one or two might. It has been over 2 years believe it or not since I last wrote anything on here, and a lot has changed for me. Giving up writing here was hard, but I had new commitments with my family and something had to give. I spoke at length with quite a lot of you about my new family and challenges, so I thought I’d share a little photo of the angels that steal my free time.

Ava & Riley

I’ve decided to start a new site (another one, I know) but this one will be a new beginning and not just horror reviews. I want to keep a journal basically of what I watch, and offer some thoughts on the stuff I see, both movies and TV shows. I would love any of you to stop by the new site and hopefully we can reconnect. The new site is called Fade To Black and whilst it’s still under construction, I hope to be a lot more regular with my posts on there. I’m back watching quite a lot of films and I look forward to sharing my thoughts with anyone that happens to stop by. Headinavice will always be here but I won’t be updating it any more. All new posts will go on the new site, so please give it a look and a follow if you’re so inclined, just click the image below to check it out.

Once again I apologise for vanishing, but I look forward to catching up with some old friends and new ones hopefully, and I’ll be visiting sites to see what I’ve missed out on.

Tyson Carter

Poker, The Old West and Movies

Much of the lore and mythology of poker comes from the Old West. This area of American history gave rise to a number of iconic stereotypes and characters, particularly the gunfight and the professional gambler.


Blogathon Closing Date

Today’s the day folks! I will be starting the blogathon on Monday, and I have received quite a few entries so far, thank you to those that have sent me their reviews. There are still a few outstanding posts from people, and if you do still want to participate, please try get me your reviews by this weekend if possible. I’d love to feature as many as possible, and will give you as long as I can to submit your entries, but this will start on Monday. Get emailing me slackers 🙂

Different cinematic takes on the lottery

We all love the idea of winning the lottery – who wouldn’t want to have the amount of cash that allows us to throw in the towel on the day job through playing a simple game of chance?

Lottery wins are what dreams are made of, and so it’s unsurprising that they’ve featured in different movies over the years. But not every film-maker chooses to take the most obvious route when using the lottery as their subject.


Blogathon Participants Required! Apply Within…

recommended movie poster

Since I’ve been away for a while, I decided to start a little blogathon to try and reacquaint myself with everyone, and hopefully meet some new people along the way.

There are so many films out there, and so many bloggers we all follow, and from time to time someone reviews something which we haven’t seen and they make it sound great. Then we tell them how great it sounds, and that we will put it on our ‘to watch list‘. Yet we never get round to watching it. The good intentions are there, and maybe we even went and bought said film, but still haven’t watched it. I want to try and get people watching something new, and more importantly something recommended by a fellow blogger. Therefore I present to you the ‘Recommended By‘ blogathon!


Desert Island Films #75 – Public Transportation Snob

Desert Island Films

Dan Heaton from Public Transportation Snob has kindly submitted his Desert Island Films. Read on for his choices and reasons, and be sure to check out his site.


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