Desert Island Films

Desert Island Films

Desert Island Discs is one of the longest-running radio programmes in the world, and each week a guest “castaway” is asked to choose eight pieces of music, a book and a luxury item for their imaginary stay on the island, and give reasons for their choices.

I thought it would be cool if I could do something similar in a way to get to know the people who visit and comment on my site. I have simply changed the format from music into films, cleverly naming it Desert Island Films, and I would love to pass on the questions to anyone who felt they would like to take part. I would of course provide a link back to your site so anyone that reads your answers will not only learn your film tastes but hopefully follow your blog if they don’t already. Ideally everybody wins, and we have some fun in the process. 🙂

If you would ever like to take part and add your name to the prestigious Head In A Vice castaway list below please drop me an email to –

Head In A Vice Castaways:

#1 Tyson Carter

#2 Tyson’s Friend Dan

#3 Isaacs Picture Conclusions

 #4 Sir Phobos

#5 Andy Watches Movies 

#6 At The Back 

#7 Man vs Horror 

#8 Deep Red Rum 

#9 262 Pages 

#10 ClaratsiMovieBlog 

#11 Ontopic Reviews 

#12 Marked Movies 

#13 Today I Watched A Movie 

#14 Cinema Train 

#15 I Love Celluloid 

#16 Committed to Celluloid 

#17 Cinema Schminema

#18 Cutting Edge Creativity 

#19 The B-Horror Blog 

#20 Kloipy Speaks 

#21 Mikes Film Talk 

#22 Simply Film (Andrew & Gabe) 

#23 Terry Malloy’s Pigeon Coop 

#24 Keith & the Movies 

#25 John Link Movies 

#26 Marilyn (Serendipity)

#27 Garry (Serendipity)

#28 Erotixx

#29 Mr Rumsey 

#30 True Mister Six 

#31 Dustforprints 

#32 Extra Features Podcast

#33 You Jivin’ Me, Turkey? 

#34 Rhino’s Horror 

#35 The Popped Corn 

#36 MamaTattoo 

#37 Three Sentence Critic 

#38 Whipped Cream

#39 Written In Blood 

#40 The Movie Buff 

#41 Rorschach Reviews 

#42 CinEnemA 

#43 Tranquil Dreams 

#44 Basement Screams 

#45 Film Hipster 

#46 Mossfilm 

#47 Raisin Cookie 

#48 Munky See Munky Do

#49 The Phage 

#50 Gorror 

#51 Smashing Through Life! 

#52 Marcel’s Movie Reviews 

#53 The Bishop Review 

#54 Lawrie Brewster

#55 Where The Wild Things Are 

#56 William Jepma 

#57 Cinema Parrot Disco 

#58 Wordschat 

#59 S1ngal 

#60 Film Guide Dublin 

#61 Hard Ticket to Home Video 

#62 Flixchatter 

#63 Bride of the Book God 

#64 Lasers, Monsters and Barbarians oh, my! 

#65 Blank Page Beatdown 

#66 My Filmviews 

#67 The Cinematic Frontier 

#68 I Liked That Film 

#69 Cinemaniac Reviews 

#70 Fogs’ Movie Reviews 

#71 Flights, Tights & Movie Nights

#72 The Cinema Monster

#73 It Rains… You Get Wet

#74 DigitalShortbread

#75 Public Transportation Snob

#76 With A Friend Like Gary

#77 Baked Movie Reviews

#78 William Miller

#79 Coogs Film Blog

#80 Elemental Reviews

#81 Vic’s Movie Den

#82 Mojo’s Work

#83 Let There Be Movies

#84 The Cinematic Katzenjammer

#85 Half Popped Reviews

#86 Movie Review World

#87 Film Jive

#88 Christian Entertainment Reviews

#89 The Dirk Malcolm Alternative

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  1. Thanks to everyone that has contributed to this project! It has been great fun and I hope this list continues to grow!! 🙂


  2. Very cool


  3. Thanks for having me, Tyson! This feature is awesome.


    • Your welcome Fernando, thanks again for taking part and the kind words! Pleased to see this project has been received so well. Very humbled by the reaction to it 🙂


  4. Sorry I missed this one! My husband is big time film buff. BIG. I have my own preferences, though to be fair, I’m more book oriented and he is more focused (sorry for the pun) on film. Together we cover most of the artistic bases. His brother is a conductor, so add it all together and it spells nothing in particular. But it’s fun.


    • Well, if you and/or your husband would like to contribute your own Desert Island Films list, drop me an email and I’ll forward you the details! Always nice to get lists off different people to see what they would choose 🙂 Be honoured to include your blogs on my project!


  5. I’m thinking I might jump on the bandwagon here. Don’t know how anyone can possibly choose just eight films though.


  6. I am definitely taking on the challenge of choosing 8 films for my castaway debut. Expect my contribution within the next week. I love the idea! I’ll be sure to add you to my site’s blog roll. Birds of a feather…


    • Excellent!! I look forward to your list. Thanks for the blogroll addition, since you posted on here it will automatically add your gravatar to mine too 🙂


  7. Great feature, will also have to get involved in this! I’ll have to go through and think about this one carefully!


  8. Thanks for letting me join in on the fun. Writing up that list was as painful an experience as it was fun. Just eight films! Still, I highly recommend this for anyone else considering taking part – I’m proud to be a castaway 🙂
    Thanks again Tyson!


    • My pleasure! Thanks again for joining in, cant believe how popular this project is, and the underlying theme is everyone saying how hard it is to pick just 8! I still feel bad for those films I missed from my list. 🙂


  9. Great idea here. I think I’ll work on my list now.
    I’m going to avoid reading the other posts for now, it will just make my decisions harder. 🙂


  10. Ooh, maybe I should do one of these too! I love films and I love lists! 🙂


    • The perfect combination! I’d be honored to feature your list. Just drop me an email if you fancy joining 🙂


      • Ooh… cool. This could take me a while… how to narrow down the list. Is there a limit. 5 is it? Ooh… Cool, I am so doing this. Thanks! 🙂


        • 8 films and your reasons why you chose them. 1 book and 1 luxury inanimate item. Please feel free to browse some other lists from these amazing people if you need inspiration!

          No time limit at all, and just drop me an email with the address on any other persons list I have highlighted it in there, or via the contact me page.

          Thank you so much, cant wait to post it up and share your choices with everyone! 🙂


  11. I see you are still accepting entries. I’ve been trying to get back into the groove, and I might actually re/consider doing this. For real. Don’t get your hopes up though. Ha.


    • Always open for more castaways. I’ll try keep my hopes grounded, but just drop me an email at the address above if you ever get round to it 🙂


  12. Me! Me! Me! 😉


    • I’m sure I tried to get you involved in this?! I’d love to feature you!

      But more importantly, great to see you Al!!!!!!! 🙂


      • Thanks Tyson. I have just finished writing mine up. I thought I would do it now when I thought about it as the moment I step away, I will get distracted. 🙂 Emailing it to you now


        • Great, yeah just got it so ill give it the once over a little later. Thanks for being so quick with it! Now go watch a movie and review it for my blogathon that quickly 😉


        • Anything in particular as I am watching Need For Speed later with my kids later.


        • Just had to be something youve watched because a fellow blogger recommended it really. If there was anything like that Id love you to join in 🙂


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