[REC] 3: Genesis (2012)

rec 3

A couple’s wedding day turns into a horrific event as some of the guests start showing signs of a strange illness.


[REC] 2 (2009)


The action continues from [REC], with the medical officer and a SWAT team outfitted with video cameras who are sent into the sealed off apartment to control the situation.


[REC] (2007)


A television reporter and cameraman follow emergency workers into a dark apartment building and are quickly locked inside with something terrifying.


The Crazies (2010)

the crazies

As a toxin begins to turn the residents of Ogden Marsh, Iowa, into violent psychopaths, sheriff David Dutton (Timothy Olyphant) tries to make sense of the situation while he, his wife (Radha Mitchell), and two other unaffected townspeople band together in a fight for survival.


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